About Axiomed Solutions

Axiomed is a company specialized in providing integrated services for users such as clinical laboratories, sterilization departments, other types of laboratories or medical institutions that use state-of-the-art technologies.

Thus, together with the supply of a product, Axiomed involves in its relationship with its customers both technical services and aimed at supporting the products offered, as well as financial consulting services or for organizing laboratories, facilitating access to funding sources, consulting services for accreditation laboratories or for the implementation of quality management systems

Because we never leave our clients unattended, we try to further develop the portfolio of services offered so as to support the medical act and indirectly the patient or its final beneficiary.
One thing that preoccupied us from the beginning was to include in our portfolio only high quality products, made by important companies recognized internationally.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer customers a package of services and products so that our image, the products we offer or the services provided become simply Axiomed.


  • Satisfaction of our customers
  • The quality of the products we distribute
  • The quality and satisfaction of our staff is our moral probity
  • Relationships with our customers
  • Relationships with our suppliers