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The phoenix Blu plus+ is a special version of the phoenix Blu autoclave.
It is equipped with a Integrated printer and a Reverse Osmosis System that automatic depurated the
water and fill the water tank of the autoclave. With this system it’s possible to connect the autoclave directly to the water tap of the study. The water will be depurated by the 3 filter and automatic load into the autoclave tank. It is also equipped with a REAR QUICK DRAIN PIPE.
the autoclave is prepared to connect the osmosis system on the side of the autoclave.If you prefer, or for space reasons, you can place the osmosis system on a wall or mobile upto 2m. away from the autoclave

Application domain:medical, laboratory, dental, for the pharmaceutical industry, for veterinary clinics

Sterilization procedure:saturated steam

Configuration:bench-top, horizontal

Other characteristics:automatic, with steam generator,microprocessor-controlled, with vacuum cycle, programmable, fractionated vacuum, with dryer, with deionizer

Temperature range:

Min.: 121 °C (249.8 °F)

Max.: 134 °C (273.2 °F)


Min.: 18 l (4.76 gal)

Max.: 22 l (5.81 gal)

The new autoclave PHOENIX BLU PLUS+, is fully automatic, the only thing left you need to do is only place the instruments inside the chamber.
Thanks to the new reverse osmosis system, you can directly connect the water supply to the autoclave. The water is automatically purified and poured into the autoclave. When the cycle is finished the water is directly discharged.
The phoenix Blu plus+, is equipped with an integrated printer, which directly prints the data of the sterilization cycle. The usb-output is always available should you prefer to store the printer data.


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