BCA / HB – Bladder Cancer Rapid Test

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The one-step BCA / HB combined test is based on a unique combination of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies to  selectively detect  with a high degree of sensitivity. The targeted bladder tumor marker is the human factor H protein, a known marker for bladder cancer. The test sensitivity is between 56% – 91% depending on the stage and grade of  the bladder tumor.

Exposure time: 9 minutes.

Designed for professional in vitro diagnostic use only.

Sensitivity: 97.1% vs. biopsy (G3 clinical sensitivity, BCA, HB)
Specificity: 72% compared to biopsy (group of patients previously diagnosed with bladder cancer)
It quickly provides a diagnosis of common cancers, such as bladder, colon and prostate.

These rapid tests simultaneously detect the antigen of urinary cancer (hcFHrp) and hemoglobin.

Packaging Mode:

  • 10 individual packaging boxes;
  • Individually packaged pipettes,
  • 10 urine harvesters,
  • 10 urine harvester covers,

Price displayed / test

CE marking, no. Lot, Germany production

It is sold to the 10 test kit.


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