BF 214 Body Analyzer

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Measures the percentage of body fat through bioelectric impedance (IB) analysis.

BF 214 provides the easiest way to check your body fat, weight or body mass index (BMI). Provides information about skeletal muscles for a complete picture of body composition.

BF 214 allows you to compare the values ​​obtained with those from the last measurement.

Omron BF 214 body analyzer measures the percentage of adipose tissue by bioelectric impedance (IB) analysis.

Muscles, blood vessels and bones are body tissues with a high water content that easily drive electricity. Adipose tissue has a low electrical conductivity.

Omron BF 214 sends an extremely weak electrical current of 50 kHz and less than 500 μA to your body to determine the amount of fat. This weak electrical current is not felt while using the Omron BF 214 body analyzer.

In order to determine the body composition, the Omron BF 214 uses the body’s electrical impedance along with information about your height, weight, age and gender and displays the results.

BF 214 Body Analyzer is clinically validated by international protocol.


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