Bowie & Dick Test Card

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Bowie & Dick Test Card is designed to monitor the effectiveness of air removal in vacuum-assisted steam sterilizers operating at
132 – 134 ºC for 4 / 3.5 minutes.

Bowie & Dick Test Card should be used daily andafter a sterilizer is installed or relocated, a sterilizer malfunction, sterilization process failures and any major repairs of the sterilizer.

Bowie & Dick Test Card consists of a Class 2 toxic metals free chemical indicator printed on a 89 mm x 48 mm support.

Cycle information can be recorded on the back of the indicator, thus allowing a permanent record of the process.
Chemical indicator changes from purple to green when processed. An heterogeneous color change, i.e the presence of purple color, indicates presence of an air pocket during the sterilization cycle thus indicating sterilizer malfunction.
Bowie & Dick Test Card must be employed each day the sterilizer is used, before the first sterilization cycle ofthe rst load. A shortened cycle (i.e., a cycle omitting the post vacuum drying phase) should be run first to properly heat up the sterilizer.

Bowie & Dick Card is stored in a place protected from light at temperatures between 10-30 ° C, 30-80%.
Discard after use, together with paper waste.
The Bowie & Dick Test Card is manufactured in accordance with ISO 11140


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