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DESCOSEPT AF is a ready-for-use, aldehyde-free rapid disinfectant based on ethanol and quaternary ammonium compounds.
DESCOSEPT AF has a pleasant fresh scent.
Discolourations of materials after the application of DESCOSEPT AF are virtually impossible due to its aldehyde-free composition.
DESCOSEPT AF is comprehensively  efective
against viruses incl. Noro viruses.
DESCOSEPT AF is suitable as a surface disinfectant
in all areas where a rapid disinfection is required, e.g. surfaces in the following areas:
– dental and medical practices (e.g. disinfection of treatment chairs)
– for ophtalmologists and opticians
– rapid disinfection of equipment in the operating theatre, incl. disinfection of the operatingtable between operations
general inventory like trays, trolleys and baskets
for transport of e.g. bandaging material,
bath-tubs, examination couches, toilet seats
– clothes such as shoes used in the operating theatre, rubber aprons and laundry


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