Gigasept AF Forte 5l

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gigasept® AF is an aldehyde-free preparation for cleaning and disinfection of medical devices (e.g. flexible and rigid endoscopes) and accessories used in anaesthesia and care

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Our plus

  • contains no aldehydes
  • suitable for flexible and rigid endoscopes
  • effective against bacteria, yeasts, enveloped viruses
  • fresh odor
Application areas
gigasept® AF is for the manual cleaning and disinfection of surgical and thermolabile instruments such as flexible and rigid endoscopes, anesthesia accessories, breathing masks.
Instructions for use
gigasept® AF is a concentrate and is diluted with cold water to produce the desired application concentration. Dosage: depending on the degree of effectiveness 1% – 4%.
Application example: 1 litre of a 4 % working solution corresponds to 960 ml of water and 40 ml of gigasept® AF.
Place endoscopes and instruments for reprocessing in the gigasept® AF solution immediately after use. Ensure complete covering of the surfaces, also of hollow instruments, and allow to take effect. Rinse all instruments thoroughly after cleaning/ disinfection, using water of at least drinking water quality, or preferably sterile distilled water or fully deionised water, to completely remove residues of the solution. Please follow the reprocessing recommendations of the instrument manufacturers. National regulations may require that cleaning and disinfection are carried out in two separate process steps. Do not mix gigasept® AF with other disinfectants and cleaners. Not for final disinfection of semicritical and critical medical devices!
Standing time: The working solution can be used for 7 days, when used for the disinfection of previously cleaned instruments only. If the working solution is used for cleaning, national regulations may limit the timespan during which the solution may be used.

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