Sample Preservation Solutions Covid 19

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Product Description
This product is used to preserve the microbial genome of the oral or throat at room
temperature, effectively preventing the changes of microbiota species and relative
abundance. The RNA extracted from the specimen which is preserved by the
preservation solutions remains high yield and integrity. The extracted RNA could
be subsequently conducted on a variety of biological experiments such as enzyme
digestion, PCR, and next-generation sequencing. This product is convenient to use
for its room-temperature feature and could be widely utilized in hospitals,
research institutes, companies and families.

Product Component
Component 100 packs/box
Two-off Swab 100 pieces/box
One-off Sampling Tube(included sample preservation solutions) 100 tubes
User Manual 1 piece/box 1 piece/box
Storage Condition& Expiration Date
Store at 4-35 °C for 24 months.

Safety Precautions
1. Have not used antibiotics within 3 months before sampling (please indicate the time and type of use if any).
2. If the reagent is accidentally adhered to the skin or mucous membrane during operation, rinse it off
with plenty of water immediately.
3. The sample storage solution after use should be inactivated before being discarded.
4. If it is found that the sampler packaging is damaged, the sample preservation solution has expired, orleaks, it should be prohibited to use.
5. This model product is not recommended to use one-step release agent to extract nucleic acid.
6. The liquid may have a little visible impurities or color difference, which will not affect the final
test result after verification.

1.Open the package, to get the one-off swab to sample (do not touch the swab head with your hand).
2.After the sampling is completed, open the tube which containing the preservation solution, immerse the swab head completely into the preservation solution, break the handle of the sampler, seal the lid tightly,and shake gently.
3.Put the tube into the packaging bag and return it to the medical staff or researcher.
4.After the sampling is completed, the samples within the preservation solution can be stored at room
temperature for 15 days and at 4°C for 60 days.
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