Multi-variable chemical indicator strip for Dry Heat sterilization processes

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Use Chemdye® Multi-variable Indicators for monitoring Dry Heat sterilization processes.
Conditions: 160 °C, 40 minutes // 180 °C, 20 minutes

Chemdye® Multi-variable Indicators are designed to react to Dry Heat sterilization processes within loads, ensuring an adequate control of the effectiveness of sterilization processes (temperature and time). Dark blue ink was developed to turn to brown when the process reaches the selected variables. Multi-variable indicators allow to rapidly detect whether the critical parameters of the sterilization process for which they have been designed to
respond have been reached.

Minimum quantity: 1 box
Packaging: 250 strips double or 500 plain / box;
Each strip is marked with: batch number, EN – ISO 11140-1 , date of manufacture and expiration date. Shelf life: 4 years from date of manufacture

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