Roll sterilization 2 indicators, no volume 300mm x 200m

202,30  inc. VAT

Sterilization roll with 2 indicators (steam and ethylene oxide) printed on medical paper (prevents pigment migration), 60 gsm, with waterproof waterproof.

Transparent multiple co-polymer film allows quick recognition of content.

It can be glued to all types of devices.

The indicators are printed on the inner side of the seal for maximum safety, water based, nontoxic. The color change is perfectly visible: the blue steam indicator turns green, the pink indicator turns orange.

Clear opening: The material does not leave particles, yarns or fibers.

It has indications for opening the bag in the right direction.

Size: width 75 mm, length 200 m
Each roll and its entire length is printed: size, code, batch number, CE marking, compliance with en 868-5 and iso 11607-1.

Shelf life: 5 years from date of manufacture.


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