Terralin Protect 5l

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Concentrate for disinfectant cleaning of medical devices and other surfaces

Stoc epuizat

Our plus

  • aldehyde free
  • excellent cleaning performance
  • discreet, pleasant and fresh odour
Application areas
Disinfection and cleaning of medical devices and other surfaces:

  • In all hospital areas (e.g. wards, ICU, theatres)
  • Particularly for odour-sensitive areas (e.g. neo-natal intensive care units)
  • On sensitive materials (e.g. acrylic glass)
Instructions for use
Prepare use-solution in concentration required. Make sure to wet surfaces completely and keep them wet for the whole exposure time. Exact dosages can be achieved with the use of schülke dosage aids. Wipe surfaces with a damp cloth. Always aim for complete surface coverage. Rinse equipment carfully with water. In order to avoid loss of microbiological effectiveness do not mix this product with any other cleaners. Therefore, please seek advice from schülke before attempting such mixtures. Not for final disinfection of semicritical and critical medical devices!

Presentation: 5l


Ministry of Health Approval
Extension of the Ministry of Health

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